Oct 20, 2014

Cooking With Lex : Bite Sized Cookies. Homemade Ride Food!

This is what I usually ride with a bit of this stuff in my pockets:
   Clif bars (fav flavour : coconut chocolate chip)
   Clif Shots (fav flavour : vanilla)
   Clif Blocks (fav flavour : black cherry)

This past summer I started baking my own snacks for the bike to go along with my classic Clif choices.  I discovered this recipe while on a 3 week training block in Tahoe.  Here's a recipe for simple banana-oatmeal bite-sized cookies that are easy to make, and perfect to eat on long rides.  Give it a shot!

This recipe requires a Vitamix - traditional blenders aren't strong enough.  Don't have one yet?  Visit Vitamix and use coupon code 06-009501 for free shipping, or click on the link below to get a deal on a refurbished model!


Sep 30, 2014

The Story of The Appeal ...

I'm home resting in Montréal after a rock-and-roll World Championship Race (see what happened HERE , with a video).
 Earning a spot on the Canadian National Team's roster was particularly difficult this year.  I was happy to learn that I had been in the World Championship selection pool for the 4th time in my career.  Several weeks later however, I learned that I did not make the final selection.  I appealed Cycling Canada's decision, and after losing went through an arbitration process.

I spoke with Keir Plaice, from Canadian Cycling Magazine about the details.  Here is what happened : http://cyclingmagazine.ca/sections/news/lex-albrecht-wins-appeal-added-to-canadian-team-for-womens-road-race/

Sep 29, 2014

Up Close and Personal About 2014 with Pedal Mag

Photo: Justin Knotzke, 2013
I spoke with Pedal Mag about getting to the World Championship race in Ponferrada, what happened before, during and after.  We touched on the highs and lows of 2014.  I also shared a bit about what it was like to race with TWENTY16 this year, how I prepared for the season, and touched on some targets for 2015.
Check out the interview here : http://pedalmag.com/interview-with-lex-albrecht/

Ponferrada World Championships Crash

The UCI has taken a really cool (and awesomely clever, in my opinion) step, introducing on-board cameras into the peloton.  This year at the World Championships road race in Ponferrada Spain, 4 women had these special little cameras on their bikes.  My teammate, Leah Kirchmann (this year's triple Canadian National Champion - time trial, road, and criterium) had one on her bike.

There was a nasty crash at the Championship race that took out a big part of the field.  All 4 Canadian riders : Karol Ann Canuel, Leah Kirchmann, Joëlle Numainville and myself went down hard.  One rider's on board camera caught the moment of impact for Karol Ann and I (see at 1:11 minutes)
Here is the video that shows the crash, and also discusses the introduction of these cool new gadgets.

Sep 26, 2014

Roster for the 2014 World Championships

Canadian National Team. 2014 UCI Road Cycling World Championships.  Ponferrada, Spain  (not all athletes present in photo)  Photo : Canadian Cycling (Canadian Cyclist)
I am proud to be representing Canada at the UCI Road Cycling World Championships in Ponferrada, Spain.  Thank you for those who have helped me earn this opportunity, and to those who have believed in me.  It is an honour to represent Canada.

CyclingNews.com article : http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/lex-albrecht-wins-appeal-to-race-world-championships
Editornial by Laurent Martel : http://laflammerouge.com/cyclisme-canada-je-ne-comprends-pas/
Statement by Cycling Canada (English) http://www.cyclingcanada.ca/sport/cycling/news/lex-albrecht-joins-canadian-team-at-road-world-championships/
Statement by Cycling Canada (French), via Veloptimum.net : http://veloptimum.net/velonouvelles/14/COMM/9sept/CyclismeCan23.htm

Sep 3, 2014

Championnats Québécois 2014

Deux jours après mon retour d'un bloc de courses et entrainement aux États Unis (Idaho, Oregon, Californie) je suis contente et fière d'avoir défendu, avec succès, mes titres de Championne du Québec (en vélo de route, et contre la montre).  La compétition était forte.  Les victoires étaient surtout satisfaisantes après un bouleversement de mi-saison qui m'a fait très peur...en menaceant ma carrière (voici ce qu'il s'est passé)

Championnats Québécois 2014 - Podium contre-la-montre. (1. Lex Albrecht -TWENTY16, 2, Alizée Brien - TIBCO, 3. Catherine Desserault - SAS Magocep).  Photo : Antoine Bécotte
Le parcours de contre-la-montre était de 18 km, et assez côteux.  Avant la course, je me demandais comment j'allais distribuer mes efforts sur le parcours.  Mon "powermeter" Quarq m'a aidé à juger quand j'allais assez fort et quand j'étais mieux de sauver mes énergies.
Je me suis rechauffée pour le contre-la-montre avec mes rouleaux spéciaux : E-Motion Rollers de la compagnie Inside Ride.  Je les apporte souvent à mes courses, et je m'entraine avec à presque tous les jours l'hiver chez PowerWatts  www.insideride.com
Contre la montre des Championnats Québécois 2014. Lex Albrecht sur son vélo Felt DA2 avec les roues Zipp.  Photo : Antoine Bécotte.
Le parcours de la course sur route offrait des défis importants également, avec ses longues montées avec des pentes aigues.  Rendu au premier tiers de la course, une sélection de 8 coureuses a déjà été fait.  La course se passait bien...  Aux deux tiers des 110km, je savais qu'il y avait une montée qui serait difficile pour quelques unes des autres coureuses, et j'en ai profité.  La sélection s'est encore diminuée.  Quand il ne restait qu'environ 25km à parcourir, j'avais reconnu une pente qui allait me favouriser... j'ai fait un gros effort et ce n'est que Kirsti Giroux (SAS Magocep) et Dafné Théroux Izquierdo (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom) qui ont suivi.  Dans les 15 derniers kilometres, nous travaillions ensemble pour rester en avant des autres filles. Des fois, on se testait en lanceant des petits attaques.  À l'approche de l'arrivée, Kirsti a parti son sprint, mais je suis resté dans son draft, avec patience.  Quand le moment était le bon, j'avais sauté de sa roue pour gagner la course... et le titre de Championne du Québec.
Championnats du Québec- Course sur route - sprint final .  (Photo : Antoine Bécotte)
Championnats Québécois 2014 (podium course sur route) 1. Lex Albrecht, 2. Kirsti Giroux, 3. Catherine Desserault.  Photo: Antoine Bécotte
Félicitations à Alizée Brien, Kirsti Giroux, et Catherine Desserault qui ont aussi fait des résultats méritant une place sur le podium aux Championnats cette année.

Prochaine course: Green Mountain Stage Race, au Vermont, États-Unis.  J'y representerai mon équipe TWENTY16 Pro Cycling toute seule, en esperant d'avoir du plaisir, et une participation à des courses difficile qui va traduire, j'espère, en préparation parfait pour la fin de la saison... plus de détails à venir!

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- 2014 Contre-la-montre
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- 2010 Critérium
- 2010 Contre-la-montre par équipe

Aug 27, 2014

Champion of Québec

Two days after returning from a 1.5month training and racing block in Western USA, I am so happy to have defended my Champion of Québec (time trial, and road) titles at home in Québec.  I was up against great competition.  It felt good to bring home the titles after a scary and difficult mid-summer Bump in the Road (this is what happened).

2014 Québec Championships - Time trial podium. (1. Lex Albrecht -TWENTY16, 2, Alizée Brien - TIBCO, 3. Catherine Desserault - SAS Magocep).  Photo : Antoine Bécotte
The time trial course was an 18km race with some significant hills.  Before the race I questioned myself on how I should distribute my effort on this atypical sort of course.  My Quarq powermeter was a useful tool to help determine when I was going hard enough, and when it was time to ease up and save some energy.
Warming up for a time trial with E-Motion Rollers, one of my favourite training tools.  I always bring them in my car when I drive to races, and I train with them almost every day in the off-season.  They're a lot different than regular rollers!  www.insideride.com

Québec Championships time trial. Lex Albrecht and Felt DA2 with Zipp wheels.  Photo : Antoine Bécotte.
The road race course was also challenging, as it offered long climbs, and steep pitches throughout.  By the first 1/3 of the race, we had already created a selection of 8 riders.  Things were going well.  Coming into 2/3 of the race, I knew there was a good climb that would be difficult for other riders if the pace was high enough.  Some couldn't hang on, and we whittled the selection down again.  In the final quarter I recognized one more climb that I knew was to my advantage, and drilled it.  Kirsti Giroux (SAS Magocep) and Dafné Théroux Izquierdo (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom) were the only two who followed.  In the last 15km the three of us worked together to stay away, and tested eachother at certain points.  Coming into the finish in Amqui, Québec, Kirsti launched her sprint but I waited patiently in her draft, jumping off of her wheel when I knew it was the right moment.
Québec Cycling Championships - Final sprint.  (Photo : Antoine Bécotte)

2014 Québec Championships (road race podium) 1. Lex Albrecht, 2. Kirsti Giroux, 3. Catherine Desserault.  Photo: Antoine Bécotte
Congratulations to Alizée Brien, Kirsti Giroux, and Catherine Desserault who also brought home medals from the Championship races.  

Next stop : Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont.  I'll be heading there to represent TWENTY16 Pro Cycling on my own, to enjoy some good hard racing, which will hopefully translate into some great preparation for the final part of the season...

Ride safe, ride hard, have fun!

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